Historical News Pre-1980 Newspapers Investigation Guides At Southern Methodist University

2022 marks a specific anniversary for the Newspaper Collection at the British Library. 200 years ago, in April 1822, the British Museum’s Department of Printed Books started systematically collecting newspapers. From that foundation the Library’s newspaper collections has continued to… Hackers threaten to release Aussie celebs’ health dataHackers have threatened to leak the stolen health information of 1,000 famous Australians in a cybersecurity incident described by the government on Thursday…Read More

V&a Dundee Evening Fever: Designing Club Culture

Everybody on the dance floor need to be in a position to experience the liberating act of providing into the healing vibrations of sound and moving by means of the rhythms of music, without the need of feeling oppressed or in worry of getting harassed. This is also a different get in touch with for clubs to employ diverse members of employees and teams who are devoted particularly to ensure…Read More